Wednesday June 10, 2010

Hi class it’s lucky2. Today in class we did many things.First, we turned in any textbooks or portfolio items. Then, we watched the rest of The Giver rules movies. Towards the end of the class Mrs. Duarte came in and visited us along with her baby. If you still haven’t turned in a textbook you will not get a yearbook tomorrow. Make sure you take care of that.

Tiny Human by Capt. Tim.


June 8

Hi this is peaceluvhappiness, today we returned our literature text books, if you turn it in tomorrow you might get half credit. After that we finished going over the storyboards and we will finish that tomorrow. Have a great day!

Middle School Textbooks by herzogbr.

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Tuesday June 8, 2010

Hi period 7, its lucky2. Today in class we turned in our textbooks. Then, we put our portfolio items in our portfolios. If you forgot to bring them you can turn them in tomorrow. After that, we watched more movies on The Giver rules. Remember you can’t get your yearbook if you don’t turn in your textbooks. Ask your friends when your other teachers are having you turn in your textbooks.

Eco friendly muji style accordion file folder by Kasaa.


June 8 2010

Today in class we turned in our books, portfolios, and got through some Giver videos.  The turning in of the books to me is a sad reminder that it is the end of the year and we will soon be leaving school.


If you have not done your giver video yet be prepared tomorrow.There is no homework tonight unless you forgot portfolios or books.If so remember them tomorrow.


Today in class

Hello period seven! It’s cuti24 and today in class we showed our movies on a rule from The Giver.  I, actually, went first.  All you have to do is go up to the front of the class, read the opeaning, show your movie and then share what you thought of the rule.  For homework tonight you have to finish your final blog posting, bring in two or three items for your portfolio, bring in your literature textbook. Also bring in your English Workshop if you borrowed a copy rather than purchasing it, and bring in any class library books you have borrowed and finished.

lofton homework
student teacher

Monday June 7, 2010

Hi class its lucky2. Today in class we watched other students movies on The Giver rules. If you did not present your movie today we will finish them tomorrow. For homework tonight we have to finish our blog and bring three assignments for our portfolios. Make sure you know when to turn in your textbooks. tomorrow we will turn in our literature textbooks.Have a wonderful day!

Math Textbook by Travis S..



June 7th

Hi period 7, this is peaceluvhappiness. Today we went over the homework and presented our dvolvers. Our homework is to bring your Literature book, to finish the two blog postings about how your thoughts of creativity and your favorite blog postings. Also have two writing assignments ready to put into your portfolio. Have a great day.

 TECHNICOLOR POLIGONS - Generative Art by Paulo Colacino.


June 2, 2010

          Today in class we went over The Giver. After, we went to the library. Our AR points are due tomorrow. Homework is to do the revolver and to do the blog posting that was talked about yesterday. Have a great day.

View Image…&p=the+giver+by+lois+lowry&oid=c20a682e38fe1aee&fr2=sg-gac-sy&no=2&tt=485&sigr=11dmhdao2&sigi=11vbnibsa&sigb=134v3eggp#FCar=d5faa789039af70c

– peaceluvhappiness


June 1st Tue

            Hope you had a great break. The announcements are that yummywatermelon got a comment saying she had a great blog, library is tomorow, AR points are due Thursday, and we have a new blog posting. It is to talk about our favorite blog posting, and how your idea of creativity has changed. Don’t forget your revolver is do Tuesday.

– Peaceluvhappiness

watermelon by giniger.

Good job yummywatermelon!!!!!!!!